Me (foreground) and my SO looking our best, feeling our best.

There seem to be a hundred-million blogs out there targeting parents: stay-at-home, working parents, moms, dads, etc…so what are we doing here? Why did I start yet another place to talk about recipes and household management (or mismanagement)? The short answer is: as much as I love the mom blogisphere, no one out there looked like me, sounded like me, and I know I’m not the only mama (or papa) out there fighting to figure out this domestic life with a twist.

I’ve gone through some phases trying to figure out exactly who I am and what kind of person I want to be…along the way I’ve had some good times and bad, but as I enter my mid-thirties, I find myself no longer striving to fit a box and instead striving to build happiness and peace for myself and my babies, even if that means I look more like Morticia Addams than June Cleaver, and my house is more like a carefully-held-together boxcar than a McMansion in the burbs.

We’re happy. All of us.

We’re well and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, starting this blog is just my way to reach into the void to the other parents out there who aren’t like the largely Christian, conservative, crafty moms out there. Don’t get me wrong, I still get inspiration from these ladies. I admire their commitment and their goals…and wow those amazing photos…but it’s just not who I am. That’s not all America looks like.

I’m very bisexual, set to marry my high school sweetheart/best friend in 2020. (See photo above). We have four beautiful babies and twins on the way. Our family is an incredible rainbow with four races represented in our little tribe, which can be interesting since I live in rural America surrounded by farms, and my love lives in the city for now, so we only share a home three-four days a week.

None of these things make me less of a mom, less of a homemaker, less anything, and this is the community I wish to build: one where you can be a SAHM or SAHD without feeling a religious calling. You can struggle with balance. You can be imperfect. You can have tattoos or work at a strip club or think your kids are little assholes sometimes (All kids are. Let’s be honest) and still be a loving, dedicated, and wonderful homemaker.

So that’s why I’m here. I’m glad you are too. I hope you find this info helpful and familiar. I hope you see a little of yourself here, and I hope you know you’re welcome.

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