The holiday season is drawing to a close. It was a beautiful time around here: card games, good food, family time and even some peaceful kid-free days for Mama to relax and recharge. I’m most proud of the fact that the gifts we gathered for the kiddos were all things they really loved. Unlike previous years where I was worried about quantity of gifts, this year, I focused on feeding their passions and interests, and boy did it pay off.

I’ve never seen kids so happy with what they found in the four small packages they each had under our tree, with the family time together, or with the food! Everyone ate everything. Especially the ham and festive deviled eggs.

Many exciting things are coming this week: my sister and nephews are traveling from Ohio for another visit! I think I might be getting spoiled getting to see them so often. I will also be publishing my first book on Wattpad starting January 1! Each week on Wednesday, I will be releasing Runaway a chapter at a time in hopes to receive both readers and feedback. I can’t wait! I’m already starting on the next book in hopes to continue putting my words in front of readers. It’s a hell of a drug.

I hope your holidays have brought as much joy and restoration as mine. Now, let’s look forward to 2020 with hope, unrelenting honesty, joy, and a readiness to learn and grow toward the people we want in order to create the world we need.

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