Holiday Wrap-up

The holiday season is drawing to a close. It was a beautiful time around here: card games, good food, family time and even some peaceful kid-free days for Mama to relax and recharge. I'm most proud of the fact that the gifts we gathered for the kiddos were all things they really loved. Unlike previous … Continue reading Holiday Wrap-up

Updated list of Holiday Movies for the Whole Family

Around here, we celebrate Yule on the solstice, so we've already lived our "Christmas Eve" and the whole run up to presents and eggnog. In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to share my family's favorite holiday movies to enhance your seasonal celebrations including 3 brand new films that secured a position in all future seasonal rotations!

Christmas Recipe: Apple Rose Tart

I wanted to give you guys this super simple, absolutely stunning Apple Tart recipe because it will be making another appearance at Yule and Christmas. It was a smash, and I know your family will love it as much as mine does....My brother and eldest playfully argued about who got to eat this tart. The whole thing. In the end, my son got a single slice, my step-father received half of a slice, and my brother ate all of what was left!